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 I can't believe how excited I get over Soap ! Every time I order from you I can hardly wait for it to arrive in the mail.
Jennifer B.

     Welcome to a healthier...better way of taking care of your skin - the natural way! Come feel the difference.

    What started out as a desire to create truly natural products for our own personal needs has evolved into a growing family business. All our products are handmade on our small farm in the scenic mountains of North Alabama.

   Our goal is to offer our customers luxurious but affordable high quality skin care products. With each positive testimony, we are inspired to continue to create these simple yet amazing all natural products that encourage health and healing. 

    Our handcrafted products are made with all natural ingredients such as fresh and dried herbs and flowers. When available they come right out of our all organic garden. We also use essential oils, seeds and clays which provide aromatherapy, natural color, texture, and gentle exfoliation.

    No artificial fragrances used in any of our products.

Thank you so much for the soaps and Coconut Dream body butter. You have saved my skin ...literally!!!!!!
I have been using the 
Oats-n-Honey daily and have noticed a major change in my skin.
The Coconut Dream body butter...WOW!!! It smells wonderful!!! I have a puppy and he wants to eat it everytime I use it. God had blessed you with this talent and I am blessed to have met you and your husband! Thank you again!!!
Monique D
Check out our 
All natural 
Skin Care System 
  only $35!!!
A great value for a luxuriously healthy alternative to "store -bought" skin care!

Soap is to the body, what laughter is to the soul...
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